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You are the domain expert. trame allows you to focus on your data analysis and visualizations without the complications of application development. And there is no need to worry if trame is applicable to your use case. Because of it’s flexible nature, trame can be applied to anything.

While have some examples of how trame can be used, this list is not exhaustive. If you would like to use trame but are unsure of how to get started, please send us a message. As the developers behind trame, Kitware can work with you to ensure you successfully leverage trame, including integrating other graphic libraries, adding capabilities, and ensuring successful deployment and scalability.

Visualization of a person on a motorcycle showing post-processing.


Since VTK and ParaView are first citizen in trame, creating tailored post-processing solutions with trame is a no-brainer. In this context, trame let you easily expose the data processing and visualization you aim to achieve with the specificity of your data in mind.

Visualization of a simulation

Simulation and Digital Twins

Trame makes the creation of digital twins system a breeze by exposing all the Python libraries for AI, charting, and 3D visualization with VTK. Also to support complex simulation parameters, we have a dedicated component that dynamically produce UI for editing model parameters.

Computer visualization of a human skull in trame


With VTK at its core, trame can achieve any kind of 3D interaction and rendering. By involving ITK you can tap into the latest data processing capabilities for segmentation and management of medical images. With MONAI, you can even leverage the greatest algorithm for AI and segmentation.

Computer visualization using trame

Artificial Intelligence

Trame is not limited to 3D visualization and can expose advanced AI model through its UI. We have some integration with XAITK to shine some light on explanability but trame can also be used with video stream and overlays. More advanced system could be built using point-cloud and AI thanks to all the components and libraries that trame can tap into.

Computer visualization of United States


Trame by exposing several widgets libraries and high level components like Plotly, Matplotlib, VSCode editor, xterm, VTK and ParaView, is giving you the power to express yourself in a very efficient manner. Trame let you create any kind of interactive application or dashboard that can work from Jupyter to the cloud. (for more details, reach out to our expert at Kitware to discuss your needs)

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Don’t see your domain listed? That’s okay! trame lets you create any kind of interactive application or dashboard. Contact Kitware if you need help getting started.