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If you are unsure how trame can be used for your application or project, Kitware can help. As the developers behind trame, we can work with you to ensure you successfully leverage trame. Contact us for more information.

Solutions for your Domain

You are the domain expert. trame allows you to focus on your data analysis and visualizations without the complications of application development. And there is no need to worry if trame is applicable to your use case. Because of it’s flexible nature, trame can be applied to anything.

Solutions by Domain

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Custom Solutions

Kitware can customize trame to meet your requirements, working closely with you to best understand your needs. Partnering with Kitware means you can leverage our powerful open source platforms while saving time and money.

Custom trame Solutions


Kitware provides trame support to those who are comfortable developing trame themselves. Whether you have an in-house team of developers or are an expert user yourself, Kitware offers custom and pre-paid support contracts depending on your needs.

trame Support


Learn how to use trame from the experts who develop the platform. Kitware’s trame training courses provide the opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of our open source platforms through interactive, hands-on lessons. We offer general trame training courses throughout the year, but can also create a custom course specifically for your team.

trame Training

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trame is robust and powerful. See for yourself by following our easy installation instructions. For help using trame, please contact Kitware.